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First Episode of Naturistic on Horsetails

My old friend Hamilton Boyce and I started a new YouTube series called Naturistic. We’ve been talking about making some fun, artistic, and educational video content for years. Last time I was in Seattle we decided to just start shooting and see what happened. We walked around the green space behind Hamilton’s house looking for something interesting to talk about. But of course when it comes to nature and biology every scene and organism you look at has interesting stories and science behind it, which is basically the theme of our series. We were drawn to horsetails, those weird ancient-looking plants that might be growing in your back yard. And true to our theme, we quickly found plenty of interesting facts about them. We shot some scenes in the field then Hamilton worked his magic editing it together which including making the musical bits you’ll hear. Amy Huber also made a huge contribution by making excellent line drawings to help illustrate some of what we talked about.

We will continue making videos about organisms that live around us everyday, but also nature, ecology, and science in general. We will also continue to work with artists to bring unique perspectives and interpretations to nature and science. If you have suggestions on topics, have any other feedback, or are an artist and want to collaborate please get in touch. And finally, please subscribe to our channel to keep up with our new videos!