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Lycaenid Butterflies and Ants – Naturistic Podcast Ep. 1

In our first episode of the Naturistic podcast we (Hamilton Boyce and Nash Turley) discuss Lycaenid butterflies and their bizarre and complicated interactions with ants. This new format of educational content about nature and biology has been a long time coming and we are hoping to be putting these out on a regular basis. Soon it will be available on the normal podcast platforms (which I’ve learned takes a while to set up) but for now they will be on our YouTube channel. Hamilton made some excellent music for the podcast that really made it sound classy! Here’s a statement we wrote explaining what the podcast is all about:

Naturistic is a podcast about ecology, evolution, plants and animals in a conversational format that even a casual science fan will enjoy.  

The most exciting and groundbreaking discoveries about life on Earth are made through scientific research. For better or worse, these findings are published in the dry, scholarly format of peer-reviewed science journals. The Naturistic podcast brings that knowledge to you in the form of an hour-long conversation between friends and perpetually curious biology enthusiasts. In each episode, biologist Nash Turley, PhD, decodes scientific studies on a specific topic of biology and discusses them with co-host and biology lightweight, Hamilton Boyce.

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