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Manatees — Florida’s Favorite Flippered Mammal

I am excited to share our latest Naturistic video. This features videos of manatees that I shot at Blue Springs State Park, about 40 minutes north of Orlando, in the middle of winter. The manatees migrate in from the coast to the warm waters in the freshwater springs. In the short section of the spring (about 1/4 mile) there can be hundreds of manatees just lounging around staying warm. It’s a stunning sight. Later in the year Hamilton Boyce came down to Orlando to shoot a bunch of Naturistic content and we went to Blue Spring to get more shots. Hamilton also wrote and performed a great score for this video that gives it a charming and light-hearted feel. As with all of our clips so far, Amy Huber added drawings that always make everything more classy. I’m really happy with how this episode came together and there are more Florida-based episodes coming soon.